First Steps

I’ve gotten a little overwhelmed thinking about everything that I want to do and everything that I need to do. It’s tough to know where to start but I’ve decided to get the gross stuff out of the way first as it’s not nice to live in a gross home. Top of that list is:



The exterminator and has come & gone a couple of times and cleared out three mice and one stinky RAT. The contaminated insulation in the attic was cleared out, and after two months of regular poisoning and trapping I will be able to fog decontaminate and install new insulation. I also will be having the crawl space beneath the house better insulated and sealed. sigh. Not the fun stuff I want to spend money on, but extremely important. The house kinda smells gross/weird and it comes form years of rats piss in the attic (or so I’m told). I also think some of the renters of the previous owners had pissy cats, which leads me to my next goal of:



When doing an inspection before buying my house I looked under the vents and saw hardwood floors. I was excited but there was no way to tell what kind of condition they were in, so I was trying not to get my hopes up. Worst case scenario was that I have to live with gross carpet in my living room until I can afford to have them refinished ($!$!). But I lucked out! They look great! There is a square by the fireplace where the floors are darker, and due to all the sun coming in the floor-to-ceiling windows, I’d guess that’s the original color and the rest is sun-faded. Someday I’ll get them re-finished, but for now they work OK. What a relief!

wood floors

It’s been kinda awkward trying to unpack but also knowing you’re going to rip up the carpet soon… I didn’t know if I should put everything away or leave it in piles or if I should move it all into the spare bedrooms. What I decided to do was to rip the carpet up in the front living room, and hallway, then I can move as much furniture as possible into the front living room where I’ve ripped up the carpet and dining room (which has no hardwoods and is keeping the carpet for now). Then I’ll pay to have the carpet replaced in the back room. Maybe? I dunno, it’s another dilemma for me. On the one hand it’s wasteful to spend money on a temporary fix by buying new carpet for the back room, but at the same time this carpet is super gross to me. I can try to look ahead and get carpet that I think I’ll want when I redo the back, but it’s most likely two years away and I highly doubt what I pick now will work with what I want later. Aaaaand I’m guessing it’ll probably be ∼$800 on the cheapest possible “temp” fix if I replace the carpet now. On the other hand, the current carpet is worn and grody. We’ll see, I go back and forth daily while staring at my piles of stuff.


While trying to figure out what to do with my floors, I’ve made the silly mistake of getting too excited about the new house. Result? I went ebaying! I did score some righteous stuff, but way too prematurely.


Beautiful milk chocolate NOS sink from the fifties. Perfect condition, never used! They threw in a huddee ring for around it, too (that’s the metal rim you see around vintage sinks, it ensures there’s a waterproof seal between the sink and laminate counter)
NOS mailbox, also never used!
kitchen curtains
vintage barkcloth kitchen curtains, the gold is metallic
sparebed curatins
Girly vintage barkcloth curtains for one of the spare bedrooms (they’re a soft grey and cheery pink in normal light)


bedroom curtains
Chinoiserie vintage barkcloth curtains for my Japanese-themed bedroom project. The gold on this is metallic and there are hints of light purple and pink that aren’t visible in the picture. They’re gorgeous!

One last thing: I met my neighbors today, they told me how “gross” their house was when they moved in, they had to rip out two pastel bathrooms, one pink and one blue. I almost cried when I heard that, a pastel bathroom is my dream!



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